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Infuse Tea Bar
c/o The Pleasures of Tea
106 Main Street
West Sayville, NY 11796


Infuse Tea Bar carries over 300 loose leaf teas and herbal tisanes, by the Pleasures of Tea, LLC, a name which many Suffolk and Nassau County residents recognize from street fairs and library tastings over the past few years. In our new store and tea bar, you can explore the rich culture and world tea traditions by trying different styles of teas. We sell many styles of teaware and tea accessories that are sourced both locally and globally.

Come in and take a sniff from our sample jars. Every day, we will be offering samples of different teas, both hot and iced. We also sell freshly prepared Japanese matcha, Thai iced teas, tea lattes, and we will be serving them along with a variety of spreads, honeys, and tea snacks like mochi, daifuku, French macarons, and assorted French pastries.

In addition, to help our customers understand more about the teas that we sell, we will be conducting in-store workshops after business hours to educate our customers about some of their favorite teas.