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Winter 2015 Tea Tasting Workshops

We are excited to announce our 2015 Friday Tea Tasting Workshop Series!

Join us for evenings of tea to learn about and experience the true flavors of tea and herbal tisanes in our educational, interactive & fun tea tasting workshops!

Perfect for the novice or connoisseur alike, our newly expanded series of workshops provides a guided exploration through the vast and complex world of loose leaf tea and herbal tisanes. During each workshop, we will journey to tea-producing countries around the world to experience unique teas and cultural traditions, learn how to truly taste tea, and unlock the secrets of proper preparation methods for each tea type. A flight of six teas will be tasted and discussed in each workshop.

Tea Basics – January 30th
The simple act of preparing a perfect cup of tea is not so simple, so we figured it's best to start with the basics. Learn about the importance of knowing the different tea types and leaf styles, tools and methods for proper preparation, health benefits, caffeine content, and lots of tips for unlocking the magic within the leaves.

Introduction to Tea Appreciation - February 6th
Tea is more complex than wine and in this workshop we delve into the techniques and terminology used to unlock its wide-ranging characteristics. Overview of tea types, identifying typical characteristics, factors that affect quality and characteristics, analyzing the leaf and the liquor. This workshop provides a solid foundation for the rest of the workshops in the series.

Black Teas - February 13th
Explore the wonderful and rich black teas from the main black tea-producing countries of China, India and Sri Lanka.

Green Teas - February 20th
Explore famous green teas from the main green tea-producing countries of China and Japan.

Oolongs - February 27th
Explore the most complex of all the teas – amazing oolongs from Taiwan and China and rare oolongs from other parts of the world.

White & Yellow Teas - March 6th
Explore the rarest of all the teas - white and yellow teas from China and beyond.

Pu-er & Other Dark Teas - March 13th
Explore the unique and complex aged Pu-ers of Yunnan Province, China and other aged dark tea-producing regions.

Scented & Flavored Teas - March 20th
Explore the traditionally scented teas of China and learn about the varying qualities of flavored teas.

Teas of China - March 27th
Explore where it all began - blacks, greens and oolongs from throughout the tea-producing provinces of China.

Teas of Taiwan - April 10th
This island is world-renowned for its quality oolongs. We explore the range of Formosa oolongs, along with a special surprise.

Teas of Japan - April 17th
Explore the full spectrum of the various styles of green teas from Japan, along with a few special surprises.

Teas of India - April 24th
Explore the surprisingly diverse teas from the three main tea-producing regions of Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri.

Teas of Sri Lanka & Southeast Asia - May 1st
Explore the complexity of teas from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Teas of Indonesia - May 8th
Explore the little-known, delicious teas from the islands of Sumatra and Java.

Teas from Other Origins - May 15th
Explore amazing teas from outside the five traditional tea-producing countries, including those from Nepal, South Korea, and several countries in Africa.

Herbal Basics - May 29th
Learn the basics of drinking herbs and how they differ from the “true” teas. We will learn about and taste some of the more popular herbal tisanes and discuss more generally the variety of herbal tisanes, methods for preparation, uses and cautions.

Herbs of South Africa & South America - June 5th
Explore the caffeine-free South African herbs rooibos and honeybush and the stimulating South American herbs yerba maté and guayusa. Learn about their health benefits and cultural significance.

Herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - June 12th
TCM is the medicinal tradition in China that has been practiced for centuries. Explore several of the primary Chinese drinking herbs, their health benefits, traditional uses, and cultural significance.

Herbs of Ayurveda - June 19th
Ayurveda is the medicinal tradition in India that has been practiced for centuries. Explore several of the primary Ayurvedic drinking herbs, their health benefits, traditional uses, and cultural significance.

Traditional Western Herbs - June 26th
Explore the traditional drinking herbs used in Europe, the Americas, and beyond, their health benefits, traditional uses, and cultural significance.

Workshops will begin promptly at 7:30PM & will last for 90 minutes.
Cost is $25 per person pre-paid - save 10% on 3 or more workshops per person. Registration with credit card is required & space is limited, so please sign up early! Attending each workshop is not required - just sign up for the ones that interest you the most. No refunds after registration, unless your spot can be filled.

Please call 631-278-5755 or email Kristine at to register or if you have any questions!