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Winter 2017 Tea Tasting Workshops

We are excited to announce our 2017 Friday Tea Tasting Workshop Series!

Join us for evenings of tea to learn about and experience the true flavors of specialty origin teas and herbal tisanes in our educational, interactive & fun tea tasting workshops!

Perfect for the novice or connoisseur alike, our series of workshops provides a guided exploration through the vast and complex world of specialty loose leaf origin teas and herbal tisanes. During each workshop, we will journey to tea-producing countries around the world to experience unique teas and cultural traditions, learn how to truly taste tea, and unlock the secrets of proper preparation methods for each tea type. A flight of six teas will be tasted and discussed in each workshop.

Introduction to Tea Appreciation – February 3rd
Tea is more complex than wine and in this workshop we delve into the techniques and terminology used to unlock its wide-ranging characteristics. Overview of tea types, identifying typical characteristics, factors that affect quality and characteristics, analyzing the leaf and the liquor. This workshop provides a solid foundation for the rest of the workshops in the series.

Black Teas – February 10th
80% of all tea produced around the world is black tea, but few realize the range of aromas and flavors that can be found within this type of tea. Join us to explore rich and flavorful black teas that have been selected from our catalog of almost 60 teas, which have been sourced around the world.

Green & Yellow Teas – February 17th
Don’t think you like green tea? Then this is the workshop for you! Join us to explore teas that have been selected from our catalog of almost 30 origin green teas and learn how to properly prepare green teas for maximum enjoyment. We will also explore extremely rare yellow teas from China.

Wulong Teas – February 24th
Discover the most complex of all the teas! Join us to explore amazing and rare wulongs that have been selected from our catalog of almost 30 origin wulongs sourced around the world.

White Teas – March 3rd
A misunderstood and often misrepresented type of tea. Join us to explore and dispel the myths around some of the most delicate teas. Teas will be selected from our catalog of almost 15 origin white teas around the world.

Dark Teas – March 10th
Another complex category of tea, dark teas are rare and relatively unknown here in the US. Join us to explore the unique and complex aged Pu-ers of Yunnan Province, China and teas from other dark teaproducing regions.

Tea & Chocolate Pairing – March 24th
Join us to indulge in five pairings of our specialty origin teas with small-batch, hand-crafted, bean-to-bar artisan chocolates from Fruition Chocolate. This award-winning chocolatier is among the top ten chocolatiers in the US and won gold, silver and bronze for three of his chocolate bars in an international chocolate competition in 2016.

Tea & Cheese Pairing – March 31st
Savor five pairings of our specialty origin teas with small-batch, hand-crafted, award-winning artisanal cheeses from Sayville’s own – American Cheese. Join us for a unique and unforgettable experience!

Tea & Terroir – April 7th
We specialize in origin teas and offer over 150 of them. We often talk in the shop about how terroir – soil, topography, climate, and processing of the leaves – influences the aromatic and taste characteristics expressed in these unique teas. This workshop is structured differently than our other ones in that we explore several comparisons of tea, instead of one at a time. This comparative discovery allows us to delve deeper than we ever have before to taste and compare the effects of terroir on origin teas. We hope you’ll join us!

Black Teas of China – April 21st
The black teas of China historically have been produced primarily for export, as the Chinese never considered them to be of good quality. This, however, has changed and we will be exploring the diversity and richness of black teas produced in six different provinces within China.

Green Teas of Japan – April 28th
Japan produces a complex array of green teas that is found nowhere else. Join us to explore the full spectrum of green teas from Japan and learn about what makes them so unique.

Rare Teas of India – May 5th
We have explored the teas from the main production regions of Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri, but now we’re going off the beaten path to explore teas from lesser known regions. Join us to discover some truly rare artisan teas.

Teas of the Satemwa Estate, Malawi – May 12
This estate in the African country of Malawi has been producing some wonderful, quality hand-crafted teas for decades. Join us to explore these artisanal teas that have recently been added to our menu.

More workshops to be scheduled, so stay tuned!!

Workshops take place at Infuse Tea Bar at 106 Main St., West Sayville. Each workshop begins promptly at 7:30PM & will last for approximately 90 minutes.

Cost is $30 per person pre-paid – save 10% on 3 or more workshops (excludes Tea & Chocolate and Tea & Cheese Pairings) per person.

Registration is required & space is limited, so please sign up early! Attending each workshop is not required – just sign up for the ones that interest you the most. No refunds after registration, unless your spot can be filled.

Please call 631-278-5755 or e-mail to register or if you have any questions!